Is your website just sitting there...


or is it working for you?



Turn your website into a client magnet.

Struggling to convert web traffic into subscribers and clients?




I'm Laurie Mallon.
As a certified health coach and personal trainer, I completely understand the struggles of setting up and running an online business.


With a previous career in software engineering, my goal is to help you set up online tools  to help you get (and keep!) coaching clients!


Let me help you overcome tech overwhelm and get your business up and running!

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ATTRACT new followers. 



CONNECT with your subscribers. 


CONVERT traffic into clients.


Build an online business without breaking the bank. 

Put your best foot forward and attract clients without spending thousands on a custom website!


Get an affordable, professionally-crafted website designed to attract subscribers and convert them into clients!

Turn your traffic into paying clients. 

Creating new content every week (err.. every day!) is overwhelming!

My plug-and-play wellness-themed newsletters, challenges, and social media content can save you so much time!

I was feeling very stuck for a long time and Laurie helped me to get the strategies to move out of that feeling. 



When I spoke with Laurie I received several strategies that I could implement right away. 

Lisa Tyhulski, CHC


I just want to give a shoutout to Laurie Mallon and thank her for her help and guidance. She is setting up my website and it looks fabulous.


I would highly recommend you hire her to get your business started. Its so worth it.  

Establishing an online business is so difficult unless you are just tech and online business savvy which I am not. But I am now able to put the puzzle pieces together thanks to Laurie.

Sharon Warner, CHC

Laurie, thanks to your insight and support I am no longer invisible or stuck doing all the busy-work!



I’m grateful you are helping me to get out there and share what I have to offer and make the impact I am on this earth to make!

Debra Moss, CHC


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